Hello, My name is Chris Kaiser. I am the founder / President, and CEO of The Vermont Peanut Butter Company, Inc. I am a huge advocate for the Green Mountains of Vermont, mountains, and nature.   I have long been dedicated to grass roots ventures, athletics and a healthy outdoor lifestyle. I am a mountain guy with big ideas, lots of energy and a real concern for the types of foods we are made to believe are good for you. It is unaccptable to me that hydrogenation is in so many things we feed ourselves and our kids. I take great pride in creating a one of a kind food that is free of these oils, preservatives and 95% of households love having it in their kitchens.(based on nut butter consumption in the USA Nut butters are not new, but Vermont Peanut Butter Company's creations will prove to be the best ever!

From a Division I. Baseball Scholarship for baseball powerhouse Coastal Carolina University, Strength and Conditioning Instruction for the Baltimore Orioles, to backcountry snowboarding, mountain biking, ski patrol and kayaking to raise money for cancer.  My next adventure is bringing fun and nutritionally sound peanut butters to you and your family. I am building another famous Vermont food company, with help from so many of you who truly care about what you eat. Together we are are putting "Vermont" in homes around the world.

As Vermont Peanut Butter grows, I want to be involved with many organizations. My love for mountain biking, the mountains and my big heart for kids will surely lead me to pair up with Vermont's finest and this country's strongest. If you think we may make a good addition to your event, organization or idea...let us know.

I am looking forward to meeting you, thanks for the support!

Christopher B. Kaiser

Founder, President, CEO


Some local organizations we help sponsor:       and  the Stowe Derby   

When doing Fundraising...

or on business...

or out Hiking...

I always have my VT Peanut Butter